includes VS indexOf

includes VS indexOf

includes() vs indexOf();

includes() and indexOf() used for search item available or not in the array. accept both same parameters. indexOf() returns the position of the first occurrence of a specified value in the string.

it returns -1 if the item never occurs in the array. includes() method determine whether an item available in the array. this method returns a true if the item is available in the array.

includes() vs indexOf() is the indexOf() method check the "==", the includes() check "===" type also.

when we have used.

  • if you want to check the position of the item in the array indexOf() is best.
  • if you want to check whether the item available in the array, the includes() is best.

includes() use

indexOf Syntax :

string.indexOf(searchvalue, start);

indexOf() example

var indexofArr = ["Orange", "Apple", NaN];
Ans : -1

includes Syntax :

string.includes(searchvalue, start);

indexOf() example

var includesArr = ["Orange", "Apple", NaN];
Ans : true


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