A debate for Android O version OatMeal

A debate for Android O version OatMeal

Oatmeal Cookie as Android 8.0’s name, which is fine by me.

This seemingly sound theory stems from multiple mentions of “OC” in Android’s source code. In the vast libraries of Android code, OC comes up a few times, along with “OC-MR1.” While this is by no means confirmation that Android 8.0 will be Oatmeal Cookie, since it could as easily be Oreo Cookie, it’s certainly something to think about.

Folks who attended Google I/O this year and sat in on sessions may have also learned the Android team’s naming plan. As we can see from the below image, code clearly says “oatmeal cookie.” Red herring? Seems unlikely that Google would make that big of a deal about it.

In order for Google to keep the launch name a secret, it would make sense for the company to give Android O a different name in the source code of the developer preview. And we can’t imagine that it would – intentionally or otherwise – have revealed the name at I/O.

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